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Table Decoration Accessories Classic Type for Drink, Walnut Wooden Coaster Beach Coaster

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 Round Coaster  8.8cm* 8.8cm *1cm Weight:0.036KG
 Square Coaster  8.8cm* 8.8cm *1cm Weight:0.056KG
 Square Groove Coaster  8.8cm* 8.8cm *0.9cm Weight:0.03KG
 Round groove coaster  8.8cm* 8.8cm *0.9cm Weight:0.03KG



 Please note:

1. The new woodware is environmentally friendly. Please use a layer of edible oil or olive oil before use. After absorption, leave it for a period of time and apply it again. Maintain it 2-3 times to prevent cracking. (Pls donot wash it!) 

2. Do not immerse in water for a long time, do not expose to sunlight and close to high temperature. Improper maintenance may cause deformation and cracking.

3. Wipe dry with a dry cloth after normal use and store it in a cool and ventilated place. In a dry environment, just apply vegetable oil regularly to prevent cracking and deformation.

4. The texture and color of each wood product are slightly different, because the raw materials are used. Color, texture differences, wood scars are normal, It is not a product quality problem

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