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Teeth Whitening Cleaning Device 300ml Tank Water Flosser

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Product Description
2021 New desgin most powerful water flosser with 5 Modes Tips Portable Oral irrigator cordless teeth cleaner water flosser 300ml
1. Compared with traditional dental floss, it has better health effect on the gums and has the function of removing plaque on the
parts that are difficult to reach.
2. The effect is twice as high as traditional dental floss, which can greatly improve the health of the gums and reduce
3. The unique water flossing red teeth use the principle of water pressure and pulse to completely remove the harmful bacteria in
the gums and deep teeth that are inaccessible to traditional toothbrushes and floss.
4. Eliminate tongue bacteria, fresh and good breath, say goodbye to bad breath.
5. Can effectively massage and stimulate the gums, speed up blood circulation.
Body Material
Food Graded ABS
1. Reduce tooth decay & dental calculus
2. Remove food residue between teeth
3. Get rid of bad breath
4. Prevent dental hypersensitivity
Frequency Conversion
Pulse Water Frequency
1200 times/min-2200 times/min
Waterproof Level
Water Tank Volume
Water Tank Material
Food Graded PC
Water Pressure
30PSI/ 50PSI/ 70PSI/ 90PSI/ 110PSI
Working Modes
5 modes: Soft/ Gentle/ Normal/ Strong/ Pulse Mode, 2-mins Timer
Jet Mouth/Nozzles
6 pieces
Built-in Batteries
3.7V 2500mAh Lithium Batteries
21 Wat
Inductive Charing/Working Time
USB Charging 5-6 Hours/ 55 Days if working 2 times per day
1x Water Flosser
1x Storage Cosmatic Bag (Optional)
1x USB Cable
6x Jet Tips(1 Toothbrush, 2 Classic, 1 Periodontal, 1 Orthodontic, 1 Tongue Brush)
1x Instruction in 5 Languages20 Pieces/Carton
Charging Time
Usage Time
About 15days


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